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Subsidies are public nonrefundable financial aids for very small businesses, SMEs, large companies, associations and collectives. They are still far too under used. This is mainly due to a deficit of information.
To remedy this, we have gathered all existing subsidies. We can affirm we are the single stop counter for subsidies in France and in Europe. We step in to obtain local, borough, county, district, national, European and foundation subsidies. We also train on demand and collectively on funding mechanisms.
Institutions and foundations can intervene either within the framework of calls for temporary projects, or within annual funding programs (applications can be submitted at any time).

They can step in across a wide variety of areas: subsidies for

  • Collective actions
  • Inter enterprise cooperation
  • Handwork
  • Trade
  • Cinema – audiovisual
  • Publishing
  • Company start ups and takeovers
  • Solidary Economy
  • Employment, the environment
  • Energy control, surveys
  • Consultancy
  • Export
  • Sales development
  • Training
  • Operations
  • Hotels - restaurants - tourism
  • Business real estate
  • Investment materia
  • Innovation (R&D)...

The Nivière Subventions & Consulting commitments

  • Customized search for the subsidies most suited to your project;
  • Saving your time;
  • Efficient and professional submission of one or more applications for subsidies;
  • A dedicated team that ensures customized advice;
  • Follow-up of your application.

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We step in for all types of projects but we have a privileged partner for all industrial projects:

ICONE Group  assists its clients, large international industrial groups in development, closure and/or industrial site takeover projects.
ICONE Group’s specialization is «Industrial Reconversion», which consists in transmitting the totality of the workforce on a production site from the transferring industrial group to the buyer, avoiding redundancies. The buyer will set up new production on the site, which is different from the original and will benefit from very favorable financial conditions.
Find out more on: http://www.